Ideas for Research Projects

> medicinal plant identification

> effects on soil & compost

> observe interaction w/ other plants

> what is their specific function in evolution?

> bio/myco/phytoremediation -- Paul Stamets -- mycelium

> plant inventory overall, each person adopt one plant for research -- not it's dangers but it's beautiful potential, ---- become it's advocate, represent it in society like you would yourself, it's     uniqueness, the commonalities, neighbor/boundary issues, adaptability

> experiments w/ sheet mulching using on-site biomass

> mapping the watershed, building a small-scale model

> designing the food forest

Key Notes from Tours

The relevance of farm & nature issues ?

  to empower individual and community; to counteract industrial/ corporate-driven alienation;

  to rebuild the world from the ground up.

Hawaii : food security and localization = reduce distances & fuel cost & improve immune systems of society -- community building,

and to embrace the tradition: make farming a spiritual act.

Health --- rebuilding health from the ground up

GMO -- what are the risks or benefits of genetically modified organisms?

Environmental vs. ecological

Windshield view vs intimacy - our key perception of the landscape

'Perception with all senses engaged is a synchronization between my own rhythms and the rhythms of the things themselves .. ' D.Abrams

Indigenous  -- we are longing to BELONG

Sustainable -- finding a balance and adapting to change

Approach to land (any size, from urban plot to whole islands):

1) what are the water patterns?

landscapes must be seen as watershed

(set up small scale models of environmental patterns & processes)

2) in which phase of evolutionary dynamic is this place engaged?

Evolution from lichen on lava to rainforest; from amoeba to sentient being -- nature's desire to move on, overgrow, overcome.

  -- Modern industrial approach:  control and dominance =  having lots of enemies, and doing all the work.

  -- Permaculture approach:  how can I participate? where can I insert my interest to everyone's benefit, feed the earth and the birds while feeding my children and their future?

To participate: how can i influence the ongoing process (usually by speeding it up, propelling it forward -- hard or impossible to skip a step/layer of evolution)

borders/edges: for some reason, fertility and diversity are always the greatest at the edge, in transition zones, not in the middle --- why?

The power of distributing nutrients, moisture etc

Weeds -- accumulators, medicinals ; scab analogy

Cover crops nurse crops green manure --  planted or allowed

Forest Floor : compost like Nature does -- Food Forest (lasagna method) sheet mulching = echo of the seasons

design not for your benefit alone (crop), but for making friends -- then the crop will grow as by itself as a side effect.

Biomimicry  -- Innovative solutions to human predicaments: How would nature do it?


Landscape Design & home landscapes  -- Gardens must also be watershed designs

no difference betw ornamental and functional plans, or betw farm & garden: it's all about water, and about a dynamic place in evolution

aesthetics comes from love, beauty

walkability allows for participation, ergonomics, responsible stewardship, moisture preservation, soil & plant health

-- biotope

Crop Circles    the nucleus/center feeds the ring of life;

soil building, moisture retention, an emerging habitat

Gravity -- slopes help move weight easily and deliver water.

Shifting Our Attitude

Lawn? weeds? -- look closer! Enter as a visitor -- remember how magical it is to arrive in a new town where you don't know anyone, and have no judgements -- everything is part of that newness.

then you make acquaintances, go exploring, get lost, find your way again, gradually EARN the privilege of being part of this community. Approach Nature like this!

We can't just rush into a new world without even looking or truly arriving.

Our systems are often too cerebral, too complicated, too convinced that we know something better than they do.

Kalil Gibran says :

if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work

and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.

For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man's hunger.

And if you grudge the crushing of the grapes, your grudge distills a poison in the wine.

West Hawaii Exploration Academy

Hue Hue Farm hosts groups of local students to inspire a deeper more intimate relationship with Nature, and an ecological systems approach to all aspects of human life.

Aloha, Participants of today’s project. Thanks so much for the great spirits, and for the work we got done.

Please keep ‘your’ plant in mind - it is likely to open doors to many of Nature’s secrets. I’ll post more info on this page in the next few days. For the photos of the day, and of  ‘gratefully harvesting biomass’

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