Remembering Our Place

storation   restitution   transformation   renewal   integration   connectivity   bonding   revival  interrelationship balance 

Professional Services
Sustainable Solutions for small or large Landscapes
(the same ecological principles always apply)
  1. Here are some of the key elements and layers of my work.

  2. Even though each situation is highly site-specific,

  3. the principles apply universally.

  4. Master Plans

Inventory of the land's significant features, and ideas, visions, strategies, sketches, designs, and practical solutions to help it reach

its highest potential

  1. Land  Restoration & Management

Common issues are erosion control, meaningful processing of

organic matter, moisture preservation, logging damage repair,  geomorphic restructuring, enhancing biodiversity, setting up composting and food production areas, and improving habitat for

the occupants including humans.

Watershed Planning

Water is one of the land’s most significant components.

All interventions, activities, investments on the land need to be intimately designed around the flow of surface water, its capturing in the soil, its feeding back into aquifers, with a clear understanding of impact on and from neighboring properties.

Ecological Site Development

based on principles that facilitate human interest while

nourishing the non-human environment

Low Maintenance Concepts

Without exception, the ecological designs end up producing higher quality with less collateral damage, and infinitely less maintenance requirements in the long run.

Vegetation/ Biomass Management

Whatever grows in the soil is best returned to it. This is the key point in the often invoked 'cycle': Organic matter belongs to the place where it was grown.

Permaculture Designs

Proper management of water and biomass allow for a 'sustainable' condition, with the appropriate levels of fertility, without constant outside input.

Bio- Myco Remediation

As part of land restoration, a wide variety of beneficial organisms (plants, fungi, microorganisms, bacteria colonies) can be cultivated to remediate preexisting contaminations (typically petroleum spills, pesticide residues, etc)

Forest Stewardship

Systems and concepts for the enhancement of forest health and diversity in accordance with the guidelines of FSC                            (Forest Stewardship Council)

Spontaneous Landscapes

Beautiful gardens and landscapes of any size built with the exuberant vegetation that springs up naturally, thus rooting the man-made spaces in the wisdom of place.

Gardens for Food and Joy

Balanced outdoor spaces, stunningly attractive ornamental gardens, and an abundance of food and medicine emerge effortlessly when the above outlined principles are applied

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