Simultaneous to the evolving permaculture farm we are 'growing'

an education center for sustainable living and ecological practices.

Special programs

for the kids from Fukushima include

> Simply being in Nature -- in Fukushima virtually impossible

> Nutrition, w/ emphasis on building resistance against

   the effects of radiation

> Natural healing methods

> Non Violent Communication - Be Peace

> Organic farming/ farm-to-table systems,

   and basics in self-sufficiency


    See the

    Kona Food Forest page

    for more detail,

    or give me a call


    Thanks so much.


Fukushima Kids of Hawaii            (an Aloha Keiki 501-c-3)

Hue Hue Farm hosts groups of children from the nuclear disaster area

around Fukushima, Japan, to give them a break from the radiation

and thus a greatly improved chance of growing up cancer-free.