Remembering Our Place

Hue Hue Farm

home of the Fukushima Kids Project

is inviting friends and neighbors to participate in our

Community Garden Project

We are providing place and infra structure for a

permaculture/food forest farm

that engages people as independent individuals

while fine-tuning systems of mutual support.

Creating resources and an inspiring environment for

children is one of our most important intentions.

What we offer :

A place for people to grow food and medicinal plants

Soil, amendments, and water for conscientious use

A healthy environment for meaningful physical activity

Initial advise, and a network of  allies with who to  exchange information and coordinate plans.

Workshops -- Experts in various aspects of permaculture will share their


                       Antonio is already conducting

                       vegetation management workshops

                       hosted by participating gardeners and land stewards,

                       with practical methods for a peaceful and herbicide-free

                       relationship w/ nature.                                     

Long-term options for HHF projects :

> Farm product marketing/networking

> Educational resources for kids -- the 'Green School' in Bali is one of the

    reference points           

> Development of cottage industry resources --

             Herbal medicine is a prime focus. Hue Hue Farm hosts a large variety of important medicinal plants to be wildcrafted.

Gen and Yumi offer to share their wisdom as practitioners of ancient Japanese Healing Arts.

> Farm animals --



to many

envisioned projects



soil building

fiber production

meadow maintenance

> Plant adoption program w/ Fukushima kids  --

the local contact family for a visiting child presides over the planting of a fruit tree or other crop of choice,  and adopts the planting spot after the child goes back to Japan.

What we hope for:

A solution to most of the world's problems -environmental, political, psychological etc- can only be found through a strengthening of community ties.

A society disillusioned and exhausted by concepts of individual freedom and economic growth can quickly recover its immune system by cultivating commitment and love.

As inhabitants of Hawaiian land, we wish to gather and apply ancient wisdom of the islands, reconcile our place, and help preserve the traditions.

Our Community Garden Project provides some essential ingredients that give participants a tangible beginning, a context from which to grow food, friendships, health, and feeling of belonging.

We hope to grow a vibrant community network, and learn from and support each other.

Community Garden Project


We have had many visitors and hosted workshops and other events that have brought together members of the community. The beautiful momentum is largely a result of our cooperation with

The Karuna Center,

applying concepts


Mindful Engagement               

   Through Action


Living & Working

       in ways that

      Do No Harm

toration   restitution   transformation   renewal   integration   connectivity   bonding   revival  interrelationship balance

        Fukushima Kids

          Summer 2017